Magic Fluids v1.8.4.184 APK

Magic Fluids apk

Fluid animation in your pocket! Touch the screen and create beautiful motion of colorful smoke and water.

Download Magic Fluids Apk, That allows for a great deal of customization. You can modify fluid type, color palette, how long it stays on the screen, when colors should change and much more.

Magic Fluids APK Latest Features:

  • – Highly configurable fluid behaviour and look
  • – 10 configuration presets – if you’re lazy
  • – You can save your own presets
  • – Multitouch controls
  • – Smoke and water animation
  • – Thousands of particles moving with the fluid
  • – You can pause the animation anytime and save screenshots
  • – You can use Magic Fluids as a regular app or as a Live Wallpaper
  • – Highly optimized, multiple quality settings for wide range of devices

Possibilities are endless, effects are fantastic.

Fluid alone is great, but it only gets better. Turn on particles and watch how they move with the fluid and emphasize it’s motion. Particles have lots of configuration options as well – shape, size, color and more. You can have more than 15000 particles on the screen, but you better have a strong device if you want to do that!

Whatever configuration you come up with, it would be great to save it and use anytime later. That’s what user presets are for – you can store ten fluid presets and load them with a single click!

Are you lazy and don’t want to wade through lots of settings? You can use one of ten predefined fluid configurations and still experience a great diversity that Magic Fluids offers! Examples of existing presets are Floating Flames, Wavy Winter or Classy Combination.

Magic Fluids features two fluid animation methods:

  • – Smoke – classic gas simulation. Smoke is slow and steady. It’s great when you want to slow down and relax
  • – Water – uncommon method that makes fluid behaviour more similar to liquid than gas. You can almost feel the pressure propagating through the water while you touch the screen. It’s perfect when you want to create dynamic animations and images full of swirls and curls.
  • When you press the Menu Button (hardware button on older devices, three-dot button on newer ones) animation pauses. From there you can clear the screen, go to settings menu or save the screenshot to file on external storage (it goes to /Pictures/MagicFluids/ directory). Note that external storage (which usually means SD Card, but on some devices external storage is actually internal) must be available on your device. You can later use it as a wallpaper or show your friends what you can do with Magic Fluids!

What’s in this version:

  • – new button for quicker access to the settings screen
  • – some bugfixing

Requires Android:2.2 and up

Download APKAPK 3 MB

Download APKMirror:APK 3 MB

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