SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper v12.1.1 APK

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper Apk

SuperWall is *probably* the only video solution for your Video Live Wallpaper needs.

Download  SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper Apk . The Live Wallpaper that you never knew you needed.

With video scaling you can use any widescreen video and it will scale properly on your phone. Video’s will scale according to your device’s orientation (when Auto Rotation is enabled), regardless of whether your launcher supports rotation or not.

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper APK Latest Features:

Use your own videos (vacation, kids, weddings, special events, action-cam, music videos, movies, or *anything* downloaded from the internet). SuperWall will play it as your Android Wallpaper with full support of rotation and proper video scaling.

New for V9.0… Screen saver! Now SuperWall can be used as your screen saver. This also means that Android TV owners can join in on the fun!

  • Filters. With V7.0 came the addition of filters that can be applied to your wallpaper to give it that extra something. Add blur for bokeh effect or make your video black and white. Or how about both?
  • Rotation feature now lets you use portrait (vertical) oriented videos with SuperWall.
  • Smooth 4K video playback (assuming your device can handle it). MKV video supported.
  • -Screen saver (Experimental): Current video will be played while your device is docked or charging. Enable this in your devices Display Settings. Only works properly on Android 8.0+ devices. Can be used on Android TV!
  • -Auto-rotate: Wallpaper will scale and rotate depending on orientation of device. No longer dependent on Launcher for rotation.
  • -Filters: Add a filter. Blur. Sepia. B/W. Bloom. Vignette. or All the above.
  • -Rotation: rotate portrait/vertical videos so you can use them in their correct orientation.
  • -Zoom: Zoom into your videos to the desired size. This feature can effectively replace the crop function.
  • -Offset: Portrait wallpapers can be offset left or right from the center (default). This feature only works if Scale to Width is unchecked.

Other Features:

  • -Tint: Add a colored tint (filter) to your background. This adds a nice effect to your videos. Why not match your case color? Tinting and also helps to mask some imperfections in lower quality videos.
  • -Video Scaling: Any video is scaled to your devices dimensions. Landscape widescreen video will be scaled to proportion on Portrait orientations.
  • -Playlist: Select multiple wallpaper sets and SuperWall will chain them together and play the sequentially, looping the last video back to the first one.
  • -Audio: Audio can be enabled for the wallpapers. This can be turned off in the settings, or by holding down to fingers on the Homescreen for 0.5 seconds to mute/un-mute the audio. Volume control as well.
  • -Next video: Two-finger tap your Homescreen to advance to the next video in your Playlist.
  • -Random video: Play a random video next by enabling this feature in the settings. Two-finger double tap the screen to play the next random video.
  • -Pause: Two-finger swipe down to pause. Two-finger swipe up to resume.
  • -Fast Forward/Rewind: Two-finger swipe right to fast-forward you video by 10%. Two-finger swipe left to rewind your video by 10%.

What’s New

  • Improved stabilization of app overall.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • New image loader, no more loading screens when starting up the app.
  • Update widget. Timestamp displayed.
  • Tweaked color theme.
  • Bug fixes.

Requires : Android 5.0 and up


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