This is not a drill – mutated rabies virus is out of control and you need to stop this by any means necessary.

Download OVERSEEZ APK and Use sky net satelites to fight against global infection. Defend city gates and keep zombie hordes outside main comunication hubs.

OVERSEEZ APK Latest Features:

  • The game provides few hours of fun with both simulation of virus spreading and arcade play at the city gate.
  • Please keep in mind this is not a serious infection outbreak simulation, although it uses real GIS maps containing population data it is only a simplification of mathematical model.
  • This game is created by one man – please be lenient with me and instead of negative ratings I will appreciate your constructive feedback, thanks.

What’s New

  • -tutorial improved
  • -buttons layout corrected
  • -reduced reloading time of laser weapon

Requires : Android 4.1 and up



Download APKAPK 100 MB

Download APKMirror: APK 100 MB

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