Bouncer Story v1.1.2 APK

Bouncer Story Apk

Download Bouncer Story Apk a game that is played in a city with a strong mafia presence.

As a bouncer you are seeing, hearing and experiencing all kinds of events in the your daily work controlling the entrance to a bar. It is your choice to balance your relationship with mafia members, police and other characters in the city to make a living.

Bouncer Story Apk Latest Features:

  • Choose your own style of playing
  • Reveal new bars to work in
  • Improve your skills
  • Explore different story-paths
  • Complete side quests
  • Meet and get familiar with people in the city
  • Find out various game endings for your Bouncer Story
  • In Bouncer Story you have a gambling debt to pay to mafia and you need to earn your living by working shifts as a bouncer at bar.
  • It does not get any easier as serious crimes start happening around you tensing the atmosphere between mafia members and the detectives.
  • It is your choice to decide who to help and how.
  • Play by controlling the queue on the entrance of the bar. As a bouncer you will decide who gets in and who does not. Making smart choices boosts the mood inside the bar, which triggers bigger gratuity on top of your normal salary.
  • Balance your cash between skill upgrades, rent and repaying your loan to mafia or gamble your incomes in blackjack table if you’re feeling lucky.
  • Meet and get familiar with people in the city as you play Bouncer Story.

What’s New

  • Completely new intro sequence for the game! Create a new game to test it out and let us know how you like it. Also improvements for showing what was problem with invalid customers.

Requires : Android 4.1 and up


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