Snakebird Primer v13 APK

Snakebird Primer Apk

The snakebirds are back, this time yellowbird joins the team on a more relaxed island with easier puzzles.

Snakebird Primer

A puzzle game for the entire family as well as a primer for the serious challenges of the original game. Featuring all new puzzles on a bigger island, new places to explore, more bird, more fruit, more everything.

Snakebird Primer APK Latest Features:

What makes Snakebird Primer so good, is how it does so much with so little. The levels are small, everything you need to solve it is pretty much right in front of you. You just need to get your Snakebird (or Snakebirds as some levels have multiple to control) to the finishing portal. You do this by twisting their body around in all sorts of weird ways, to cling into various platforms so you can extend your body across to reach another or to create an arch to get over something.

It’s also slightly amusing. I’m a person of simple tastes, so I appreciated the Snakebird’s unimpressed look at me while I tried to figure out a level. It’s the little touches too, like how their eyes shoot wide-open when falling or their beaks squashing up against a wall when you’ve messed up and have nowhere to go. There’s quite a few little bits like that I noticed, that made me smile constantly.

What’s nice, is that even if you do get stuck, it usually opens up multiple levels each time you complete one. So you can take a break and pick a different level, then hopefully come back with a new solution later on. This likely will happen to you too, it happened to me. I was completely stumped on a particular level and when I found the solution to a later level, I suddenly had one of those eureka moments and breezed through the challenge I was previously stuck on.

Being able to reverse backwards in single moves is simply wonderful too, since this will allow you to study exactly where you went in the wrong direction.

Requires : Android 4.1 and up


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