Mission of Crisis Restart v0.11.0 Mod APK

Mission of Crisis Restart Apk

A real-time strategy game that enables players to control four different special combatants to complete a variety of infiltration, assassination missions.

Mission of Crisis Restart

Since the mysterious offline of the AI maker of the Catfolks and the Dogfolks, Catfolks and Dogfolks have become the dominant powers on the Earth. To bring the Earth under one rule, Catfolks seek the destruction of all other species, whereas Dogfolks advocate a diversified world, rivaling Catfolks all the time.

To keep the world peace, you need lead the Dogfolk elites to take on a series of infiltration, intelligence gathering and assassination missions; and outwit your enemy to crush Catfolks’ war plot.

The future of the Earth lies in your hands!

Mission of Crisis Restart APK Features:

  • An originally designed attractive story that takes you into a bizarre new Era of the Earth where Cats and dogs rule all.
    Explore the side storylines to reveal the truth of the New Era.
  • Use your brain and finger to control your characters to solve problems in real-time, also give commands to the team to complete missions such as infiltration, device sabotage, capturing and assassinating key figures and more. To overcome these difficulties, you must become an excellent commander.
  • Control your characters to go deep into the enemy facilities, and use different team strategies to breakthrough enemy patrol and surveillance to complete mission goals without being noticed.

Mod info:

  • Free Shopping

What’s New

  • Optimizing Stores and Advertising
  • Optimized Battle Settlement

Requires : Android 4.1 and up


Download APKAPK 36 MB

Download APKMod APK 36 MB

Single OBB

Download APKMirror: APK 36 MB

Download APKMod APK 36 MB

Single OBB


  • Install Apk
  • Copy ‘com.magicell.moc2.google’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  • Launch the Game

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