Backfire has you take control of an exorcist on a mission to cleanse an ancient curse. Your only tool: a ship that fires from the back.


BACKFIRE IS CURSED. Install Backfire and your soul will be bound within the machine. Only total victory will release you— until then you will be damned.

Innumerous foes will block your path, ancient demons will stand against you, and death will come, again and again. Only with skill and perseverance can you purify the curse and save yourself. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


  • -Simple tap-to-turn controls.
  • -Brutally difficult gameplay.
  • -8 unique weapons.
  • -4 epic bosses.
  • -Dozens of ways to upgrade your ship.
  • -Hoards of monsters to kite and destroy.
  • -An ancient curse to purify.

What’s New

  • -NEW WEAPON: The Kamikaze Cannon
    -Customize your HUD from the new settings menu! Choose between three HUD presets, and select custom opacity.
    -Pause/Unpause game with Android back button.
    -Exit game using Android back button.
  • What’s Different:
    -Health/time bars and ammo counter moved to top left of screen.
    -No more ugly paper UI
    -Grenade launcher is now tap to move, hold to aim, release to fire.
  • Bug fixes:
    -Fixed bug that disabled user input when weapons ran out of ammo.

Requires : Android 4.1 and up

Download APKAPK 67 MB

Download APKMod APK 67 MB

Download APKMirror: APK 67 MB

Download APKMod APK 67 MB

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