Lifeline: Flatline v1.3 APK

Lifeline: Flatline Apk

The Lifeline series takes a terrifying turn in this interactive horror experience.

Lifeline: Flatline

Every decision you make could help Wynn to safety, or lead her to an untimely end.

Something has gone horribly wrong… Venture deep into a mysterious scientific facility, where a woman named Wynn has just woken up strapped to a hospital bed. She doesn’t remember what happened to her – all she knows right now is that she has to get out of this place. And her only link to the outside world… is YOU!
Help Wynn navigate creepy darkened hallways as the shrieks of something inhuman get closer… In this thrilling interactive horror experience, your choices shape the story and ultimately decide Wynn’s fate!


  • A truly immersive horror experience!
  • The Green Series continues with a terrifying twist!
  • Written by award-winning author Daryl Gregory.
  • Norman Fairbanks returns with an original bone-chilling score.
  • Wynn’s heart-rate monitor gives real-time feedback as you make decisions in the story.
  • Interact with the story on your phone, Android Wear device, or through notifications!
  • Play in English, German, French, Japanese, or Russian!

Requires :Android 4.0 and up



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Download APK

Mirror:APK 88 MB

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