Titan HD v2.5.6 APK

Titan HD Apk

The epic struggle for domination is now available for Android tablets!

Titan HD

Players take the role of a Titan, moving through the constantly changing terrain of the Land with Legions of Ogres, Gargoyles and other monsters of myth and legend. Players move their Legions along specific pathways recruiting creatures to their side and using those Legions to battle their opponents. Battles then take place on separate terrain maps where only the strongest survive!
This classic strategy game supports 2-6 players.

The Android app supports both Local games, with any mix of humans and AI, and Online games against remote opponents.
Want to learn more? Check out our introductory tutorial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-I-5BJy7UU, also available from in-game.


What’s in this version :

  • connecting to game servers for online play Fix issue
  • with concession during strike phase Fix issue
  • with revealed legion contents after flight Fix issue
  • Players can now add others as favorites in-game and in Online Play lobby
  • Movement rolls are now shown in game log
  • visual glitch in game log showing dead summons or reinforcements Fix
  • confusing labeling of engagement sequence Fix
  • turn sequence tip for Muster phase Fix
  • issue canceling Play Games sign-in Fix
  • Fix missing dialog borders

Requires :Android 4.2 and up



Download APK


Download APK

Mirror:APK 39 MB

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