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Vainglory Apk

Celeste commands the stars, drawing upon their power to overwhelm opponents.


Her star formations help keep enemies at a distance as well as finish them off as they flee. Start Celeste in the lane and fight from the furthest edges of battle.

Celeste’s basic attacks are spells, dealing crystal damage with a crystal ratio. Celeste’s basic attacks also briefly reveal enemy heroes.

Celeste forms a small star at a target location, dealing crystal damage to nearby enemies. The star will briefly linger on the field. If Celeste uses this ability on an existing star, the star will go supernova, dealing more crystal damage in a larger area.

After a brief delay, the target location collapses and nearby enemies are stunned and take crystal damage.

Celeste launches a storm of stars that travel across the world. The lead star passes through all enemies it hits, dealing crystal damage. Trailing stars collide with the first enemy they hit, dealing crystal damage in an area. The number of trailing stars increases each time Solar Storm is upgraded. Deals reduced damage to non-heroes and does not damage structures.

What’s New in Version

  • – Players cannot move off the starting platform during the Loading screen.
  • – SAW: Does critical-strike damage as expected.
  • – Koshka’s pounce and Taka’s X-Retsu will work on Kraken from max range.
  • – Skaarf: Fixed Fan the Flames dealing an extra half-second of damage beyond intended.
  • – Skaarf: Hitting Spitfire no longer displays 2 stacks of Fan the Flames. (Visual bug; damage was correct.)
  • – Fixed gold trickle starting at 0:25 instead of 0:10 (when minions spawn).
  • – Fixed gold trickle being ~13% slower than intended.

Requires : Android 2.3 and up



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Single OBB

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  • Install Apk
  • Copy ‘’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  • Launch the Game (PLay Online)


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