GoneMAD Music Player Full v1.6.1 APK

GoneMAD Music Player apk

Feature-Rich Music Player and Media Library

GoneMAD Music Player Full

Feature-Rich and Highly Customizable Music Player

This is the full version unlocker for GoneMAD Music Player (Trial)


Verify unlocker by going to Preferences -> About GMMP. Look for “Full Version Unlocked” at the top.

Full version unlocker for GoneMAD Music Player. This is just a license key. Once it is installed the trial will recognize the license. No other action is required to unlock. NOTE: Run the unlocker once and the launcher icon will disappear once you reboot the phone.



  • -Supported audio formats: aac(mp4/m4a/m4b), mp3, ogg, flac, tta, ape, wv, mpc, alac, wav, and wma (non-lossless)
  • -Flawless gapless playback (mp3 and aac gapless supported on most devices)
  • -ReplayGain support (track and album gain)
  • -Cuesheet support (only .cue files currently, embedded will come in a future update)
  • -Crossfade (auto and manual transitions)
  • -Bookmarking
  • -High powered 2 to 10 band graphic equalizer with 3 quality settings
  • -Preamp gain control
  • -Left/Right audio balance control
  • -16 built-in EQ presets and the ability to create your own
  • -DSP Limiter with adjustable attack/release to prevent distortion
  • -Highly optimized media library, designed for large music libraries (50k+), that works with every supported format
  • -Browse your collection by artist, album, song, genre, playlist, or folders
  • -Built in file browser
  • -Album artist and disc no tags supported
  • -Tag editor (supports mass editing)
  • -Search artists, album artists, albums, songs, and filenames
  • -Save/Load playlists or create playlists on the fly
  • -Supports m3u, pls and wpl playlist file formats
  • -Edit playlists with an easy to use drag and drop interface
  • -2 Shuffle modes: Shuffle Playlist and Shuffle Collection
  • -Custom actions on playlist completion: Stop, Play Random, Loop Playlist, Play Random Album, Play Rest of Album, Play Next Folder, Play Next File
  • -Automatically find and download album art
  • -Manual art search
  • -Embedded album art support
  • -10+ skins to choose from
  • -Lockscreen player
  • -ICS lockscreen control support
  • -Notification controls (3.0+)
  • -Scrobble support: (ScrobbleDroid and Simple LastFm Scrobbler)
  • -Customizable Gesture System: 14 assignable actions to 7 different gestures
  • -Customizable Now Playing View: 15 different tags to put into 6 slots
  • -Auto resume playback when ending a phone call
  • -Auto pause/play when unplugging/plugging in a headset or connect to bluetooth
  • -Bluetooth headset controls
  • -Automatically adjust volume when connecting/disconnect bluetooth audio or wired headsets
  • -Comes with a 2×1, 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, and 4×4 widget
  • -Tasker integration
  • -Single button headset control support


What’s New
  • -Android L fixes
  • -Reset Google Analytics Opt-Out preference. The opt-out is now off by default
  • -Embedded lyrics view will now update when the track changes
  • -Added option to set default song rating
  • -Added Toggle Split View to Prefs – Now Playing – Enabled Menu Options
  • -Chromecast volume can now be adjusted
  • -See changelog for full list of changes

Requires Android:1.6 and up

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